Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

The personal information that customers share/provide on this site are treated as confidential. We never share or distribute any information related to customers/affiliates/subscribers with any third party. The information collected is solely used for customer identification, for improvement of the navigation experience and for the ease of use of the website by customers.

We continuously work on improving the processes in the website and we guarantee to provide the customers with the best service whenever they are logged in. We send offerings and advertisement emails through our lismails only to customers who have previously requested to subscribed to the service. We never include any customer to our newsletter or listmail without prior permission and subscription. We never sell or provide any information of newsletter and listmail subscribers to any third party or advertising agencies. We never allow any unauthorized party to access newsletter or listmail information.

All customers information is confidentially treated. Customers can contact with us via email, contact form, or telephone; all information exchanged through any of these communication means remain confidential. We want our customers to have the best shopping experience therefore we insist on providing the best means of communication.

Our contact details are:


tel: 009613416577